Types of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • The highest grade of olive oil.
  • It must have an acidity level of not more than 0.8% and have perfect colour, flavour and aroma.
  • Each pressing of oil must be certified as meeting the required standard by an international panel before producers can use the label ‘extra virgin olive oil’
  • 500ml Bottle POS Varietal Frantoio500ml Bottle POS Varietal Leccino500ml Bottle POS Barnea
  • ¬†Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blends
  • Has all the same qualities as Extra virgin olive oil and where possible New Zealand Extra virgin olive oil is used, on occasion to ensure continuity of supply we may need to source top quality EVOO from International suppliers.
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Infused Olive Oil

  • A ‘flavoured’ olive oil that has had concentrated essence infused into it
  • Infusion most often comes from pure and natural essences
  • Once infused an olive oil is no longer extra virgin or virgin olive oil, However we only use Extra virgin olive oil for our infused range.
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