Olive Oil For Food Service

The Village Press 1L and 2L Bag ‘n Box options are the superior way for the food service industry to handle olive oil. These products are ideal for catering, hotels, restaurants and the travel industry.


Similar to a traditional wine cask, The Village Press Bag ‘n Box olive oil products have several important features …

  • No glass – meaning food safety requirements in commercial kitchens can be adhered to.
  • No sunlight penetration of the olive oil – maintains maximum oil quality.
  • No air oxidizing partially used olive oil – the bag in the box collapses in on itself, not allowing any air to mix with the olive oil.
  • Drip tap:
    • Made from food grade materials.
    • Operated by twisting the handle so the flow rate can be set accurately.
    • Ideal for cooking methods requiring slow addition of olive oil (such as Hollandaise sauce).
    • Chefs like the idea of being able to set it up and then have both hands free to work with.
  • Regular in shape – square shape for ease of transportation, storage and stability in use.
  • Waste disposal – as the box and bag are collapsible after use, waste storage space is kept to a minimum.