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All of The Village Press olive oil products are Kosher and Halal certified. The certification process was the culmination of meetings and visits by Rabbi and Halal certifying personnel to our olive pressing facilities.

While these certifications are important (and hopefully appealing) to the communities of the world, we believe they also reinforce and emphasise our commitment and attention to good quality processing and management systems.

We Source Only The Best Fruit

The Village Press sources its olives from one of New Zealand’s premium olive and grape growing regions, Hawke’s Bay. With such excellent olive fruit and a wide range of varieties available, efficient and effective processing facilities, and attention to detail at every step of the olive oil process, we are very proud of the excellent and unique taste sensations from The Village Press olive oils.

A Wide Range Of Olive Oil Products

In addition to our extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) range, we also produce tapenades, pesto, dukkah and a large range of infused olive oils. Our range includes the following product types:

  • 250ml glass bottles (with Stelvin caps and insert pourers)
  • 500ml glass bottles (with Stelvin caps and insert pourers.)
  • 15ml miniature plastic bottles – specifically manufactured for airline and hospitality industries.

We would be glad to receive any inquiries about our products and how we may be able to supply to your own special requirements.