Contract Services

Olive growers from Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa and Marlborough currently have their olive fruit harvested and pressed at very competitive rates. The Village Press offers a turn-key service with the ability to store, bottle, label and distribute olive oil (and avocado oil) throughout New Zealand and internationally.


Working With Olive Growing Partners

The Village Press’s vertically integrated, supply chain elements are available to any interested olive growing partners. This includes fast
and efficient mechanical harvesting of olive trees, the press which can process up to 1800kg of olive fruit per hour, storage, bottling and capping (for all bottle shapes along with box ‘n bag) and labeling facilities. The Village Press facilities are also available to press and bottle avocado oil.


Harvesting & Pressing Partners’ Olives & Avocados

The Village Press is very flexible with olive growing inputs growers may want to maintain, and these can be accommodated within the agreed terms of contractual supply arrangements. Their partners’ oil can be bottled as The Village Press olive oil or branded and dispatched under the partner’s own banner.


Join The Village Press Supply Chain

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of becoming a supply chain partner of OLIVES with The Village Press, please contact: Nathan 021 368557

To discuss becoming a supply chain partner of AVOCADOS with The Village Press, please contact: Nathan 021 368557

Alternatively, The Village Press premises and facilities are open for tours, where visitors can witness pressing, bottling and labeling all from the one site.